Plaques manufactured in Bronze, Brass, Stainless and Aluminium: When a prestige opening plaque is required, or you need to celebrate a special event, then the elegant nature of engraved brass, stainless steel namplate or aluminum commemorative plaque will certianly add an air of permancy and status.

Metal Plaques can be made in a wide variety of permanent metal materials. The methods availble to incise or engrave the plaques can also easily replicate at insitutional crest or logo, by casting the plaque the images or lettering can be three dimensionally raised off the metal plaques surface or even a combination of both. Additionally plaques can be sandblasted , photo ir chemicaly etched to ensure high quality resolution of even the finest detail.

Not forgeting the laser engraved plaques can also add a lower cost plaque to your event. Modern plastic laminate offer almost colours, patterns and even faux finish metals. The ability of photo realistic laser engraving to the most intrciate scroll, pattern or letter allows an plaque or name plate only limited by your imagination.

Finish off the nameplate or plaque with a custom proflie timber mounting plate which can also be laser or engraved to create an embossed or repetitve pattern to match designs or décor present in the enviroment.

So, make you next event come to life with a permanent metal plaque or our ecomony laser engraved identification plates.