Company Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I use screen - printing or digital printing on metal signs??

    A: Yes. We will advise on the most suitable method taking into account location of the sign, durability required and the customer’s budget.

  • Q: Does Merv Jennings Signs & Digital print quote for installation of signage??

    A: Yes. The installation requirements for each site are different. As a general rule the following conditions need to be considered:

    • • No provision is made to accommodate electrical, building or plumbing work associated with a quote unless specifically stated.
    • • Concrete core drilling or wall chasing to allow electrical access routes for illuminated signs and other types of signs is excluded. We can organise and provide core holes which will be back charged to the client at the contractor’s cost.
    • • Merv Jennings Signs is not liable for damage to services (ie water, electricity etc) caused by core hole drilling, either directly or indirectly.
    • • There is no warranty on used signage unless previously agreed by Merv Jennings Signs Pty Ltd
    • • Disposal of old signage is the responsibility of the owner unless specifically included in our quote.
    • • If required, rubbish removal bin should be provided by the client.
    • • Mains power supplies to the signs are the responsibility of the owner.
  • Q: How can I ensure my quality signs will pay for themselves??

    A: Merv Jennings Signs and Screenprint matches the type of sign for the circumstance of use. Every sign is of the highest quality with materials and methods matched to the actual requirements of the customer.

  • Q: Is the cost of certification and approvals required, to ensure installation of signs meets all council guidelines, included in quotes??

    A: Generally no. Each site and its specific installation requirements is different. As a guide you can consider the following:

    • • If a Certificate of Performance is required by local authorities, the costs incurred in achieving and producing a Certificate of Performance will be passed on to the client.
    • • Engineer fees, local council fees, building approvals and drawings are not included in the quote, unless previously agreed by Merv Jennings Signs.
    • • Please advise of any necessary EPA or other site allowances. These are not provided for in the quotation.
  • Q: Should I use Aluminium or Colorbond Signs??

    A: Both Products are ideal of long term signage. Additionally new technology products have developed a product called Generically ACM or Aluminium Composite Materials. Several quality ACM brands are available and quality and prices reflect the quality and characteristics of the ACM.

  • Q: What are Merv Jennings Signs trading terms??

    A: Merv Jennings Signs quotation is valid for 30 days from the date of the quote. All work is undertaken on the basis of a 25% deposit. The balance of payment is due within 30 days of submission of our invoice for credit approved customers. If you are not a credit approved customer we require 40% deposit on acceptance of the order and 40% upon installation or delivery of equipment, and the balance on commission. Other terms of trade upon negotiation only.

  • Q: What is Merv Jennings Signs safety policy??

    A: We have a comprehensive OH&S policy available on request.

  • Q: What sort of signs will Merv Jennings Signs supply??

    A: We can supply almost any type of signage you need. Signs: General, Fabrication, Custom Sign Structures, Vinyl Graphics, POP Displays, Exhibitions, Cut Out Lettering, Real Estate Signs, Billboards, Wall Signs, Neon and Illuminated, Cut Out Laser, Cut Out Router, Foam Letters, Metal Letters, Plastic Letters, Plastic Fabrication, Digital Printing, Banners, Display, Graphic &/or Sign design, Signwriting, Sandblasting, Vinyl Graphics, Engraving, Ticket Writing &/or Show Cards, Sign Systems, Timber &/or Carved Signs

    Screen Printing: Stickers, Promotional, Garment and Fabric, Banners, flags, Transfers, Wall Papers, Posters, Labels, Billboards, Electronic Components, signs, Promotional Items, Point of Sale Material, Motor Vehicle Graphics

    Digital: Banners, Mesh Printing, Self Adhesive Stickers, Vehicles Wraps, Building Sign Cladding, Window Graphics, Posters, Vinyl Stickers, Labels, Billboards, Signs, Point of Sale Material, Motor Vehicle Graphics

  • Q: When does Merv Jennings Signs hand over the sign and print ownership??

    A: Materials supplied by Merv Jennings Signs in the course of any work shall remain the property of us until payment is made in full, including tax. Failure to pay this account in full will entitle Merv Jennings Signs, after a reasonable period of notice, to enter the customer’s premises and remove such materials.

  • Q: Will Merv Jennings Signs & Screenprint provide a written quote on signs??

    A: Yes. We will provide a written quote for your particular job.